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On this principle work group for years before one of the members said, that he could earn some money. Indeed, just the paparazzi photos, to which Jennifer Lawrence kisses with her former boyfriend, be sold to tabloids for 400 thousand dollars. What then could earn in the pictures where is Jennifer Lawrence completely nude?! One of the members of the Group therefore offered the photos on the Forum 4Chan for money and gradually released. And when the photos were given to the public, the rest of the Group began to realize that the pictures, which have for years held, quickly lose their value, and so added. Everybody started to sell photos for a small amount on the Internet and thanks to this we can all see.

4chan and leaked photos

It is quite possible that there are hundreds to thousands of such photos that were never published. The group functioned very effectively, some members were doing only search information, which then serve to crack passwords. For example, if you know the detailed history of celebrity, the names of friends, your pets, your date of birth, or social security numbers, one can guess the password. Alternatively, if you do not know your password, you just need to answer a security question. You tend to be of the type “Name of your pet,” which are even completely publicly available information. With the password to get to the Internet store, and then you have the whole world open. Even, and this is the best, you have access to new and new pictures all the time, because the celebrity’s do not even realize that someone in the store also receives another and gradually vyzobává the intimate photos and videos.

So yes, probably there are lots of such photos and maybe never see each other again. But maybe in a few years, until this happened, will be a new Salvo. Hackers will get over time for all kinds of security.


Leaked nude photos of celebrities

Leaked nude photos of celebrities. Lawrence–, Uptonová, and other stars of rages

On the internet again leaked naked pictures from the phones of celebrities. Among the victims of the hacker need actresses Jennifer Lawrence–and Kirsten Dunstová or model Kate Uptonová

A spokesman for Portman in a statement confirmed the authenticity of the actresses images, and criticized their publication. According to him, it is a gross violation of privacy. “The authorities will prosecute anyone who publish stolen photos,” a spokesman wrote on Twitter hereččině.

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Kim’s taking pictures of selfie and Kardashianová before the lens of a professional photographer. Rihanna at the awards ceremony of the Council of fashion designers of America
Kaley Cuoco , American hacker Christopher Chaney ransacked the e-mail Inbox of celebrities. Photos, …
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The images first appeared on the anonymous discussion site 4Chan. org and then began to appear on all social networks. The hacker who hacked into the iCloud, Apple available to dozens of other telling photos and also videos from phones.

On the slides are Kim Kardashianová, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kaley Cuoco-Sweetingová, Hilary Duffová, and more.

A similar case played out in 2012. Hacker Christopher Chaney admitted that he hacked into the e-mails Scarlett Johanssonové, Mily Kunisové and other celebrities and published their private photos. Now serving a 10-year sentence

More leaked photos of celebrities?

More leaked photos of celebrities?

A mysterious look into the group that steals the naked pictures of Rihanna and other
A glimpse into the mysterious group, which has photos of naked celebrities for years.

A glimpse into the mysterious group, which has photos of naked celebrities for years.
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When intimate photographs of naked celebrities, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many others, it was never such a salvo of stolen pictures. This week come in and among the victims are also Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and lots of other photos and videos with Jennifer Lawrence.

Photos Kim Kardashian but come from the year 2010, even from the time even before she met Kanye West. Where those photos of her were all the time? Who is pinching pennies for yourself? She is all the time, the group, which has a lot of work for years and never wanted to make information about its existence ever provalily!

This mysterious unnamed group exists already for years and you will become a member only in the event that you manage to get to the photos of some famous personalities. You can’t buy there’s input, you can only contribute with something. You then get some more nude photos of celebrities you have is between members of the Exchange. Like flashcards. When you have naked Jennifer Lawrence, of course, has a much higher value than a naked star of the Disney Channel. For naked Jennifer Lawrence get several other naked celebrities, but when someone else you put Jennifer Lawrence, its price automatically goes down.